Adage is simply a celebration of a great message and a great heritage!


Our objectives:

  • To create a high-quality database of translated ahādīth,
  • To convey precious teachings that stood the test of time,
  • To use modern creative means to engage and inform,
  • Enlightenment! Connection! Creativity! Be part of the experience.
While there are multiple sources of hadīth online, what differentiates Adage from others is a number of key elements. The working team comprises a selection of competent volunteers including professional translators, native proofreaders, Islamic scholars, and IT specialists among others, who are devoted to this honorable cause, all of whom seek no financial benefit. Our project aims at presenting an online translation of hadīth that is free, comprehensive, multilingual, and of exceptional quality.
Adage does not promote or affiliate itself with external organizations of any kind.